Dream Journal;

I used to be a really vivid dreamer and have had lucid dreams in the past, but I haven't been remembering my dreams much lately.

If I do, I will post them here. For now, enjoy these absolute gems from three years ago.



Twenty Twenty-Three


Last night I had a number of interesting dreams but I can only really remember one part of them. I was looking at this person, I think they were male but it's hard to say with certainty. His appearance resembled the characters in the movie Prometheus, the Engineers. He had pale white skin and an extremely toned and muscular body, with eyes that looked a bit like a snake or cat.

We were looking at each other for a while, and then he asked if I remembered who he was. At first I didn't, and was a little scared because of the eyes. Yet, as our gaze locked on each other his eyes softened, and I felt my heart swell. He seemed like somebody I knew long ago. We hugged for a while, and I think we may have kissed.

Then I woke up, wondering if I'd every find someone that could make me feel that way in my waking life.


Ok so there was a lot going on last night, but none of it was very remarkable. It was another stress dream about waiting tables.

In the dream, my ex-boyfriend (Dale) was working in the kitchen at a restaurant that was similar to Denny's or Waffle House. It was around 1 AM in my dream, and the restaurant was a really popular place for people to go eat after drinking all night, so the crowd was rushing in.

I was waiting tables and doing a really bad job. I kept trying to play it off like I had never waited tables before, or something along those lines, so that people wouldn't get mad at me when I forgot their orders or spilled their drinks. The dream customers were messy, and every table in the restaurant was filled with dirty dishes. I kept trying to lug them to the back to be washed, but the dishes were piling up in the back as well.

At some point the kitchen closed and my ex went home from work. I can't remember much at this point, but I know that I went back to his house and we had a discussion about why we would never work out and couldn't be together. He left.

Later, a girl I knew from high school was there. She said that her sister was going to be a lawyer, and that she wanted her to be in charge of all of her child's legal affairs. I guess she was going to have a baby soon. There was also a woman on a golf cart, but I don't really remember that either.

I have no clue what this last part had to do with anything, but I'm writing it down just for the sake of keeping an accurate record.


Last night I had a dream that I got a new apartment. I was excited because it was affordable and right on the beach. It may have even been on Tybee, which was exciting in my dream but now that I think about it while I'm awake, doesn't seem all that great. It was a pretty basic studio, but only $600/month and near the water.

I needed help moving in, and all of my friends blew me off. They didn't show up to help me, and I had to leave all my stuff behind. When I got into the main office, they wanted a lot more money than they said, and instead of taking my cash, they gave me multiple cuts on my arm. I don't really understand it either, but that's what happened. My arm was bleeding and had cuts going all over.

I was waiting tables at a Waffle House, which I was not too happy about. I also wasn't doing a very good job serving. Stress dreams about working are so fun! I kept falling behind and forgetting to bring things. It would take me forever to ring in orders, I would spill drinks, or not get drinks out until after the food was served.

When I got back to my new apartment, it was furnished with all kinds of cheap furnishings. I think that they kept breaking. There was somebody from my past, a man, but I can't remember much of what happened with that. My cat got loose and was running around on the beach. I was still happy to have a place to call my own.


Wow, I've really fallen off from updating this area. I haven't been having dreams that are interesting lately, I guess. I do remember I had a scary one a few nights ago, but I don't really remember anything about it except the ending, when this strange and scary looking man got right up into my face. He said something weird, which shook me awake.