Hello and welcome to my newest room, the kitchen! This is where I'm going to talk about all things food and beverage, both creating and consuming.

I love to cook, bake, create drinks, and of course, I love to eat! I will be sharing stuff about that here in this special place! I will write reviews of different recipes that I try, collect recipes that I love, post my own recipes, and upload pictures of my cooking and baked goods.

I want to talk about the process of learning to cook if you have no experience, the different flavor profiles, how to master various techniques, the history of food, our cultural connection to food, how food brings us together, and much more!

This area will also tie into the garden, because my intention is to grow and cook my own food. I will post about my progress growing the food in the garden, and share how I harvest, prepare, store, and cook the food over here.

I will also use this area to document my experiences while I learn to homestead: raising my own chickens, beekeeping, canning, and meal-prepping. I love to camp, too, so I would like to do a series on how to cook while camping, hiking, or engaging in other outdoor activities. I also think it would be fun to do cooking series for each holiday!

This area will always be a work in progress, growing organically throughout the course of my life as I learn and try new things.

Let's get cookin'!