Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vault

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I thought that it would be fun for me to write reviews of each episode as I rewatch them. I can't say exactly how long it will take me to do this, but I rewatch the show every now and then and would love to write down my thoughts about each episode! When I do, those reviews will be posted here for people to read.


I also thought it would be super fun to add some links here where you can jump to different articles and lists I make about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I would love to write about the top 10 best villians in the show, or ranking the top episodes in order. When I do, those lists will be posted here for people to read.


I don't write a ton of fanfiction anymore, but when I do, it will be posted here for people to read! I'd also like to include some of my original characters within the Buffy-verse and post them for people to use on their own if they want, or we can become RP partners! I may also do some fun world building stuff. :)

Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rocks

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was ahead of its time for many reasons. The show is culturally significant, featuring themes and elements which had never really been explored on television before. For example, it was among the first television series to depict a lesbian relationship on screen. It was also the first to use the word Google as a verb, in 2002, when "to Google" was voted as being the most useful phrase of the year. This gave rise to the popular colloquialism, "Google it", or "Have you Googled it?", which is now a common question in the modern-day vernacular.

Buffy was also progressive for its depiction of women. More often than not, the women were portrayed as powerful beings capable of changing the world. This is true not just in the case of the protagonist, Buffy, a teenage girl who is told that it is her destiny to slay vampires and keep the world safe from demonic forces. Neither is it limited to the story of her best friend, Willow, who goes on to become a mighty ethereal being in her own right. The story of female strength, grit, and determination, is also told through the show's many female side-characters and antagonists.

While far from being a perfect show, Buffy holds a small piece of history. Everything from the music, lingo, jokes, cultural references, lighting, and set design are evidence of an extremely signifcant time period in recent history. As the broody & moody 90's came to an end, the popularity of Buffy the Vampire Slayer gave rise to the bubbly and fun atmosphere we view as being characteristic of the early 00's. For example, many of the actors and actresses went on to star in other equally iconic early 00's media (Eliza Dushku in Bring It On, or Alyson Hannigan in American Pie).

I hope that this vault sheds some light on why Buffy was so significant, and I can share with others what makes the show such an iconic cult-classic.