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Chatroom Homepage

The chatroom's main homepage.
    Rules: The chatroom's rules and regs.
    About: Information for using the chatroom.


An assortment of fun, interesting, or useful links. A growing collection of .onion links as well. You may submit your own links if you would like.


CuriousCreep (maybe a working title, who knows?), the blog by EmptyCreep. Will most likely have it's own sitemap for sorting through blog posts.


A place for all my writing that does not make it to the blog. Also links to blog.
    My Poetry: A small collection of my poetry alongside audio and images.

Music Homepage

A place where my embedded playlists will go, as well as some mp3s I've saved over the years.


About the website and the webmaster. Also a disclaimer and contact information.


A place for me to write about plants, their benefits, my own garden, a digital garden to cultivate. Eventually, a choose-your-own adventure story and puzzle.


A place for me to write about outer space. All things cosmology, astrophysics, aliens, resources online for exploring outer space. Eventually, a choose-your-own adventure story and puzzle game.


An area for sharing .pdfs, books I have read or hope to read soon. Sorted by category.

All Categories:
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Computer Lab

An area for sharing helpful web-development resources, tools, tutorials, etc.
    Resources: Resources not created by EmptyCreep.
Broom Closet

A place for me to write about witchy things. Filled with little rituals that help guide me in the right direction, like living according to moon phases and kitchen witchery. Eventually, a choose-your-own adventure story and puzzle.