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90's and Y2K Wishlist


Aren't these little fellas just the cutest?! Sure, they may turn on without batteries and try to eat my family. BUT I WOULD LET THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE ADORABLE. I think my old one was black and white, but I can't remember his name. Hopefully he doesn't hold that against me.


Tamagotchi was a handheld digital pet simulation toy, and one of the biggest fads of the 90's and 00's. Tamagotchis are a small alien species that deposited an egg on Earth to see what life was like, and it is up to the player to raise the egg into an adult creature.

Taking care of a Tamagotchi was so frickin' hard! It was like a full-time job. I wasn't allowed to bring mine to school, so my stepmom would watch it while I was away. I don't think I could have handled the responsibility back then. I'm not even sure I could now.


Tekno the Robotic Puppy was definitely on my Christmas list at one point. I just love how obsessed we were with cute robotic things and tech! Tekno would eat, sleep, bark, and play. You could also teach him voice commands and to perform real tricks!


I thought these SpyGirl sets were so neat. They made listening devices you could bug your house with, watches with hidden compartments, cute lockboxes, and voice-protected notebooks. I would actually still buy stuff like this if it was around today!


Okay, but seriously, we NEED to bring something like this back! Having your music seperate from your phone was the way to go, for sure. I can almost hear the Spice Girls now!

I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want...

I carried around a little CD case with me at ALL times filled to the brim with Britney, Christina, Nelly, and Jessica. Nelly Furtado's first album, "Woah, Nelly!" was the first CD I ever owned!

I'm like a bird, I wanna fly away...


Maybe I just miss portable music devices in general. There was something so magical about sharing your collection with others, playing your favorite songs over and over again, making sure everything was all organized just the way you liked them to be.

Nowadays people just don't share music in the same way that they used to. I loved curating playlists for special events. It felt so important to plan your music ahead of time because there wasn't really any other way to get the perfect music for your sleepover party!


No game experience will ever compare to the feeling of playing Sims for the first time. Learning the lore, using cheat codes, setting things on fire, removing the pool ladder, throwing big parties that got busted by the police, creating you and your crush and making them get married. So fun! I still play Sims now, but it's just not quite the same. It was crazy and chaotic in a way that the new games are not. Bonus points if you played Urbz or The Sims Stories!


My neighbors had a Gamecube and they were the coolest kids on the block because of it. We spent so many afternoons playing Pokemon Stadium, Donkey Kong, Super Smash, Zelda, Animal Crossing, and my personal favorite, Super Mario Sunshine!


Impractical? Sure. Cute as heck, funky, and super fun? Absolutely! This is another thing that I'd probably still be interested in having around, even if they're only pulled out for camping or outdoor events. How cool would these be for lawn concerts?


Lava Lamps gave the best vibes in your secret clubhouse! I'm sure these are still around, but I definitely don't see them as much. Just make sure it doesn't break! And if it does break, DON'T TRY TO EAT THE LAVA (okay, maybe that was just me).


Lisa Frank was the epitome of cool! It basically didn't matter what it was, if it was Lisa Frank, I wanted it! There was stationary, backpacks, lunch boxes, binders, folders, pens, stickers, clothes. These designs are just so stinkin' cute!