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Hello! My name is Grace and you have reached my personal Wiki!

This is where I will be storing data, research, and information about a broad variety of topics that are of interest to me. In true Wiki fashion, anyone who wishes to join in may sign up for an account and become a contributor. My goal is for this portion of the site to become self-referential: a hub for all things interesting, unique, fascinating, or just strange and usual.

Types of Content

  • Research and critical analysis, covering basically any topic.
  • Overviews of niche aesthetics, concepts, philosophical ideas, conspiracy theories, or hidden truths.
  • Timelines of events and periods of time.
  • Explanations for concepts in fields like science, art, history, politics, religion, spirituality, crime, etc.
  • Parody, humor, and opinion.
  • Popular culture and current events.
  • Deep-dives on topics and events that may not be well-known or widespread.
  • General note-taking, lists, and bullet-journals.
  • Anything unexplained, unsolved, strange, unusual, mysterious, supernatural, or peculiar.

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